Financial Literacy Web Resources

This is a comprehensive list of popular web resources that includes: Financial literacy, budgeting, budgeting worksheets, all aspects of credit, taxes, insurance, investing, debt management, retirement, mortgages, loan calculators, repayment schedules and information on different repayment programs, saving, consumer debt and school debt.

These links are provided to you to help you in your search for answers to debt management and ways to help with your financial future and goals.


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Career Planning

Consumer Info.


Debt Management


Annual Credit Report

Careers in Medicine

Bank Rate

Bankrate Calculators

FIRST - AAMC Debt Management

How Does My credit Affect My Loans

Choose your Specialty

FTC Consumer Information Calculators

PG Presents Debt Counseling

The Credit Scoring Site

Explore Health Careers

Consumer Credit OptOut

Loan Calculator

SALT ™ Debt Management

Fair Isaac and Company (FICO)

 Best Health Care Jobs

Consumer Protection

Budget Calculator


FSA/Types of Aid, Repayment, Budgeting, Resources, Debt Management

National Foundation for Credit Counseling


Health Care Occupations


Western University Student Consumer Information


Debt Management Program Calculator

Consumer Credit OptOut

 Free Credit Report        

 Financial Planning

 Money Tips





Financial Planning Association

My Money

IBR Info

 Retirement Cafe 101

Choose to Save

Say Planning

Smart About Money

Public Service Loan Forgiveness


AARP Retirement Planning

Feed the Pig

Wall Street Journal Guide to Financial Planning

Practical Money Skills

Repayment Plans

 Retirement and Good Living  

America Saves


About Money


Manage your Money

Public Service Loan Forgiveness Q & A’s

Retirement Planning U.S. Dept. of Labor


Savings Calculator

 Invest Better   

How to Start Managing Your Money, for Those Who Never Learned

Deferment & Forbearance Information


Forbes Retirement


20 Easy Ways to save Money  

Financial Planning Association      

FSA/Types of Aid, Repayment, Budgeting, Resources, Debt Management


CNN Retirement

Personal Finance That Makes Cents      

Student & Resources, Managing Repayment


 Tax info.





Money Saving Tips


IRS Publications & Tax Benefits for Education


Budgeting Tips


Tax Breaks for Higher Education


Budget Worksheet


FSA/Budgeting To Help Manage Your Finances